Our vision

Support the collective performance of organizations in
offering a suite of smart bots and solutions

      • Identify: reach relevant information quickly, discover and access new knowledge
      • Visualize: undestand a topic, tackle an issue by a global and/or specific vision
      • Analyze: process data in a user-friendly mapping way
      • Assist: automatically capitalize relevant data
      • Driving: support managers with dynamic and scalable tools

Data visualization: the solution for analyzing data?

The TED Talk From Hans Rosling in 2006, the world was exposed for the first time to the concept of "DataViz" where illustrations represented statistics in a dynamic and interactive format.

Since 2006, the DataViz has often been simplified, but what is certain is that it constantly evolves and is the norm for communication in all areas.

Below is a recent example of DataViz with the introduction of France Info TV.


The challenge with this explosion of data and visuals is that even the "gurus" of the DataViz are still looking for the ideal way to display the data.

This type of data representation is often used for external communication or marketing purposes. Visualization is static and does not allow the user to be able to interact and thus modify the statistics themselves! 

An example of our concept of DataViz Vistamap with the application Map Directory Expert EMD