Digital Transformation: SAM's new collaborative uses

with SAM (Secretaries and Assistants of Managers), we have a single point of entry with all the practical information that is crucial for us» says Elodie Dennecé, Network Assistant, Marketing & Services.

In fact, it is within different branches that managers' assistants initiative start. Specifically, in the Marketing & Services Branch, Elodie Dennecé, Network Assistant, becomes a key user for a community of practice pilot.
At the same time, in the Exploration-Production and Holding Branches, other manager ' assistants start their own initiatives. But these last initiatives do not last and this is how they turn towards to the first one.
With the support of her manager, Elodie and her fellow colleagues benefited from Kate Mugford's assistance, Taemana' senior consultant, in charge of Digital Change for Total.

"Discovering other ways of working, fresh ideas to work better, in a fast and enjoyable way, is very rewarding"
Sophie Le Thanh Arbeau, Executive assistant, University Total

One of the first benefits experienced have been to understand that the ways of working were not so different, despite each branch specificities. And when there was a difference, it was a way to learn something new for the others.

« A problem that used to take an hour to tackle with now is solved in the blink of an eye " Catherine Tessier, Diversity Projects Assistant, career and Diversity Recruitment Directorate

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