Knowledge management at the service of the Loire EP

The Public Institution Loire has been coordinating actions for over 30 years in all municipalities concerned by the Loire basin and its tributaries.

EP Loire is a dynamic organization facing many challenges:
- a large perimeter to cover
- an area where safety is paramount (e.g. the flood control measures)
- a necessary balance to find between preserving resources and the users' satisfaction
- many counterparts to interact with(over 50 municipalities )
- a significant activity (2500 vulnerability diagnosis have been carried out)

EP Loire has chosen Taemana to conceive a knowledge management tool in order to better capitalize and manage the existing expertise and prepare the future ones.

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Managing change in Digital Transformation: The community managers' key role

We all have an idea of how change should be managed. But when it comes to action, one realizes how complicated it could be. This training helped me to organize better my approach and take more into account the different interests involved. For instance, when the community has to deal with topics already covered by departments of the company. »

In order to succeed the transition to the new digital tool and to root its collaborative ways of working, Renault count on their COPs leaders. Becoming Change Masters, these have followed a specific training to support the social network deployment in the company, incarnating a very innovative change management way.

The objective of this training, called Change Management 2.0, is to put acknowledged company employees in charge of leading the change themselves and become Change Masters.

How did the leaders lived that experience? What practical lessons did the participants take with them? Three animators from Renault communities testify.

Get to know yourself better and take into account other

Surprise, was the first unanimous reaction from the three Community Managers while discovering their socio-behavioral profile. " I wasn't aware that I had so much leadership!" says Cristina Kawamoto. Becoming aware of it has given me more self-confidence. "

For Lomig Unger and Jean-Jacques Guedes, the surprise came from the strong "communicating" dominant of their profile. " I saw myself as a strategist , an organizer, or even a technician, confides the latter. Even if I am also all this, in retrospect, I think that the role of transversal leadership that I have played for three years now has enabled me to develop this communication side. Therefore, discovering the latter through the profile was interesting for me. " Translated with