Datavisualization & AI fostering innovation

"Today all the necessary datamining and artificial intelligence tools exist to build an expert system that assists in the decision-making in the face of a problem or to launch a project including interoperability with partner systems", explains José Gonzalez, CEO.

"The challenge consists in structuring the data and formalizing the knowledge in employees' heads.

For the sake of collaboration, technology must go along with a human dimension to foster sharing and make the knowledge base live. "Without it, the added value of such a tool disappears."

With the mapping of the expertises, it is a first step taken by Taemana SAS. Ultimately, the objective is to design a knowledge portal based on an expert system that also integrates project management.

Excerpt: article IT for business, feedback from collaborative experiments, December 2017

Knowledge management at the service of the Loire EP

The Public Institution Loire has been coordinating actions for over 30 years in all municipalities concerned by the Loire basin and its tributaries.

EP Loire is a dynamic organization facing many challenges:
- a large perimeter to cover
- an area where safety is paramount (e.g. the flood control measures)
- a necessary balance to find between preserving resources and the users' satisfaction
- many counterparts to interact with(over 50 municipalities )
- a significant activity (2500 vulnerability diagnosis have been carried out)

EP Loire has chosen Taemana to conceive a knowledge management tool in order to better capitalize and manage the existing expertise and prepare the future ones.

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