Customer Stories

Map Directory Expert on Microsoft O365: multiply by 5 the innovative capabilities

Getinge is one of the world's leading suppliers of products and systems that contribute to the improvement of quality and profitability in health care and life sciences industries. Getinge counts in total, more than 10 000 employees in 40 countries. 



Operating Tables, lighting, sterilizers... The Surgical Workflows Division (SW) of medical equipment specialist Getinge manufactures a wide range of products for operating room equipment. This diversity is matched by different R&D departments, each focused on its own product line, but also dispersed over 7 sites: Sweden, France, Germany, the United States and China.


"“Before, each R&D department was operating independently. Now, we have a set of tools allowing us to share skills, resources and projects within SW and beyond. This has become a major enabler to help us meet our innovation and HR challenges,” quotes Adrien Bouteille, Innovation Program Manager for SW Business Area.

Microsoft O365 appeared to be the best choice to assist us in this task. A SharePoint site allows each department to share studies carried out on innovative technologies - paramount for our new products developments. At the same time, all R&D managers were committed to build an Experts’ Network to meet our engineers’ needs.

The Expert Map Directory, developed by Taemana which is fully integrated in Office 365, offers an innovative way of displaying the expertises. Datavisualizing the expertise is a real added value in the engineers’ job: their can easily identify the Expert and discuss with him thanks to the embedded Yammer flow.

This is a new way of working together. Now, the challenge is to nurture this nascent community by encouraging publications and feedback from the stakeholders. It is important to value our Experts’ commitment to share their knowledge which proves today to be useful to anyone.

Currently, the initiative is becoming viral: other branches have decided to foster this collaboration momentum and join the Expertise Map Directory to the benefit of Getinge.